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By: Eric Olivier | Date: Feb 14, 2018
hi Betty, your books are among the most useful books on the self help bookshelf. I've read lots of similar books, maybe even too many. But they all add to my knowledge about God's plan and I am thankful for having found this helpful eternal wisdom. Life is beautiful, despite - or maybe I should say thanks to - the many ups and downs I experienced. I'm still here, more motivated than ever!
By: Roger Parmigiane | Date: Jan 25, 2018
Thank You Betty. (imagine if you never wrote "Embraced by the Light"?)
It'd been a huge loss to all of us,so Thank You again.God Bless You!
By: jamesolive | Date: Jan 22, 2018
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By: Patti Brasher | Date: Dec 7, 2017
Hi Betty, I have read Embraced by the Light numerous times!! I absolutely love it. I've never had a NDE experience but God has allowed me to experience some awesome things. I noticed you didn't talk much about hell. I realize your supernatural experience was in Heaven but I've had several friends that try and convince me that there is no hell.
By: Donalie Viret | Date: Dec 4, 2017
It astounded me while reading Betty's book some 13 years later at how similar each of our experiences were. It has served to Validate the whole experience for me and though l rarely talk about it l believe l have received "inner peace" allowing me to continue my journey since then. I so look forward to viewing Betty's Movie once it is released.
By: Robyn Hammersley | Date: Nov 12, 2017
I have read Embraced by the Light and Ripple Effect I have recommended them to many of my friends. It was wonderful to read them after my husband and fathers passing. They gave me such comfort. I just cant wait to feel my Jesus's love again when I return home God Bless you
By: Sunny | Date: Oct 10, 2017
Betty, I'm so grateful to God for your message. I'm always overwhelmed every time I come to your page. There are so many questions to ask. You were lucky enough to have seen him!

You have helped me to understand Jesus in a new way. God loves us is so much more than we can understand.
By: Lizzie New | Date: Oct 8, 2017
Thank you dear Betty for your beautiful books and sharing your experiences with the dear Father.

You have given me so much strength and power knowing that God loves me and all his children

Thank you for sharing so much with us.

God bless you sweet lady
By: Margaret Brisbane Australia | Date: Oct 5, 2017
I miss your message board.... I used to come here many years ago. Glad to see your webpage still up and running. God Bless x
By: Linda Perry | Date: Sep 4, 2017
Hi Betty
I needed to read about your views on the current state of our country. You are so right but I have been very angry and know i need to change my emotions and have prayed. Only God can change me i realize. I did make amends with my sister-in-law. Anyway thank you so much for making the picture clearer in my mortal mind that which my heart knows.
By: Surveyor | Date: Sep 1, 2017
"God not only prepares us to do his will, he also gives us all that we need to do it. He sends to our path the right people when we need them, whether we realize it or not." The Awakening Heart, p. 132

""These few words are so powerful, so wonderful, and so peaceful, that push me to contact you and to share my feeling with you. Thanks for that!! I really love it.""
By: Ginny | Date: Jul 7, 2017
Dear Betty:
When your book was first published in the 1980s, I read and re-read it. It was and is lifechanging.
Tonight your name 'popped' into my mind. My mother died last December at age 94. We had to wait nearly 5 months to have her buried with my father at a military cemetery. My head & heart have faith, yet deep inside I feel alone, abandoned. Amy words of advice? Thank you.
By: LINDA | Date: Jun 14, 2017
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By: John S. Czuber | Date: Jun 12, 2017
Hope to meet you on that other side in the future.
With Love Always,
By: deni Maria Dolores Lewis. vuletic | Date: Jun 11, 2017
God brought me to same area 96,where i almost drowned,and tupac was in Toronto,i also damaged myself from suicide attempt at 18,these people been following me ever since,supposedly tupac and biggie brothers and beyonce using my id and clothing i drew,put together,she wrote flawless for me at Aquarius dawn and went to Belgrade to tell me to bow,know my address in Toronto and Balkans,also stealing my murdered mother's idz.
By: Jim Meagher | Date: Jun 10, 2017
Hello Betty, saw your link tonight from "Coast To Coast Am". Remember my wife, myself, my mother, reading your book back around 1995 ?. I have some questions for you, will try to contact you on your website.
Thanks, Jim Meagher
By: deni Maria Dolores Lewis | Date: May 16, 2017
I met you betty,wrote before 2012,about a giant female demon trying to destroy me and a spirit deer destroying her instead,i wonder if that's beyonce,a black female told me the deer was power and you added that i was going to be free from spirit of anger and fear and other evil attacking electricity going on and off,even before 2012.
By: deni Maria Dolores Lewis | Date: May 16, 2017
I had near death at 18,God been protecting me,amnesia.
Beyonce sent me to hospital from shock,i also already on disability.
At Aquarius dawn,i was working at dawn factory,sun shining so brightly at the cherries i was working with.
Afterwards floods on the Balkans,around 2013/4
Last February 18,2017,my b day,sunshine in Toronto.
By: deni Maria Dolores Lewis | Date: May 16, 2017
I am the Aquarius February 18 81,of the Balkans not beyonce,stealing my id,characters since after 99,going around the world collecting billions of people and at Aquarius dawn,writing flawless for me renffering to team d,following me in Toronto and the Balkans.
By: deni Maria Dolores Lewis | Date: May 15, 2017
R.I.p Prince,but early 90s,i was trying to pass tupac your books and in 1996,again,also I was hoping tupac could have met you,like i did.
Tragedy got us both and unfortunately,he was murdered,but we had serious hauntings and i thought i should let you know...plz keep tupac in your prayers and remember him as much as Prince,r.I.p both...Bless us all.

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